Palazzo Spannocchi In the Center of Siena

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The Palazzo Spannocchi

Among the historical buildings of Siena expressing the greatness and immense economic and financial power of the city, there is undoubtedly Palazzo Spannocchi , in Piazza Salimbeni next to the Palazzi Santucci and Salimbeni.

Palazzo Spannocchi is located right in the center of Siena and near Piazza del Campo dates back to 1473 and was commissioned by one of the most representative merchants of the city, Ambrogio Spannocchi that thanks to his political-commercial intelligence became the treasurer of Pope Pius II.

Ambrogio Spannocchi was of humble origin but with his determination and his innate ability to trade he was able to create a humble but ambitious richness of which the Palace is the highest expression.

Palazzo Spannocchi was built by the architect Giuliano da Maiano who decided to embellish the classic style of the Palazzo with the carved heads of ancient Roman emperors.

This Palace is currently home to the Monte dei Paschi and also features a small courtyard with capitals and loggias transformed into a salon on the bank’s counters.

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