The Church of San Martino in Siena Near Piazza Del Campo

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The Church of San Martino in Siena

In the center of Siena and less than 3 minutes walk from the magnificent Piazza del Campo, stands the Church of San Martino , one of the oldest churches in Siena. It contains a true masterpiece.

This is the Nativity of Jesus, a work by the artist of Siena Domenico Beccafumi and located on the third altar,

Not only the Nativity of Jesus but many others are the extraordinary works present in the church starting from the fourth altar with the famous Madonna and Child, a marble work created by Giuseppe Mazzuoli .

San Martino which is located in Via del Porrione, in its current version can be defined as belonging to the late Roman mannerismism and in the second altar also presents what was supposed to be a truly extraordinary canvas: the Martyrdom of San Bartolomeo del Guercino and dating back to 1637 .

Unfortunately, a fire disfigured the canvas by blackening it and making it lose its innate and infinite beauty.

The high altar is one of the most significant examples of Baroque Sienese sculpture: Angels bringing in Heaven the Eucharistic Tabernacle of Giuseppe Mazzuoli .

The vault of the Church is instead covered with valuable frescoes that the art historians refer to Annibale Mazzuoli.

The Church of San Martino is one of the most representative churches of Siena, near Piazza del Campo and next to Pantaneto, the place of the Senese movidae.

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