Best Museums in Siena To Visit: The Civic Museum In Piazza del Campo

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The Civic Museum of Siena

Among the best museums in Siena to visit, we can not fail to mention the magnificent Museo Civico inside the Palazzo Pubblico in Piazza del Campo .

The Civic Museum is one of the main attractions of Siena and represents a real journey through the history and traditions of the city.

Inside you will find priceless masterpieces made over several centuries.

Among the main works and inside the Sala del Mappamondo, you can admire two works by Simone Martini with infinite beauty: Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the Siege of Monetassi and La Maestà, both in 1315 .

The Majesty superbly depicts a Madonna with the child who is protected and surrounded by the Angels and Saints who assist the whole city.

Then there is the room of the Nine inside which you will find the famous cycle of Ambrogio Lorenzetti with the effects of Good and Bad Government .

Then there is the Sala di Balia that Spinello Aretino decorated with the stories of Alessandro 3 ° that also fought against Federico Barbarossa.

To these are added The Cycle of Famous Men with a gallery of all those who have been the most famous characters of Ancient Rome.

Walking again you will be able to admire the Sala del Concistoro which hosts Il Ciclo delle Virtù Pubbliche by Domenico Beccafumi .

From the museum you then enter a huge panoramic terrace from which to admire the magnificent Orto de ‘Pecci.

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