Contrada of Valdimontone

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The Contrada of Valdimontone is one of the seventeen contrade of Siena, located in the Terzo di San Martino. Its emblem is a rampant ram on a field of gold, topped with a ducal crown and bearing, in the upper left corner on a blue canton, an uppercase Roman U surmounted by the Royal Crown. Its colors are red and yellow striped with white. The motto of the contrada is “Under my blow, the wall collapses.”

The contrada holds the title of Priora for hosting the first meeting of the Magistrato delle Contrade. The Terzo it belongs to is San Martino. The military companies of the contrada are Borgo Santa Maria, San Maurizio, and Sant’Angelo a Montone. The allied contrada of Valdimontone is the Onda. The rival contrada of Valdimontone is the Nicchio. The patron saint of the contrada is the Madonna of Good Counsel, whose feast is celebrated on April 26th. The guild of the contrada is that of silk merchants.

The Contrada of Valdimontone is one of the oldest contrade in Siena, with a long and rich history. The contrada is deeply cherished by its contradaioli, who are always ready to support it in its races at the Palio.

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