Historic Palaces of Siena In Piazza Del Campo: Palazzo Sansedoni

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The Sansedoni Palace

One of the historic palaces of Siena that most represents the marriage between sublime art and economic power in Siena is definitely Palazzo Sansedoni in Piazza del Campo, the Palazzo that together with Palazzo Pubblico is the most noble and representative of the city.

Its curvilinear shape that embraces and welcomes the Piazza, its fakeogothic façade, its three-light windows and the Tower are an almost unattainable example of architectural beauty, all realized between 1760 and 1767 joining five previous buildings.

Palazzo Sansedoni, now home to the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation , was commissioned by the Sansedoni family, one of the oldest Sienese families in the 13th century and inside it features a magnificent Baroque-style chapel dedicated to Blessed Ambrogio Sansedoni , an extraordinary speaker that distinguished itself both in Italy and in France and Germany.

This chapel is not open to the public except during special events sponsored by the Foundation or extraordinary openings.

Inside the Palazzo there are also numerous frescoes by Melani and Ferretti as well as sculptures by Mazzuoli and the Bronzes of Soldani and Foggini .

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