Monuments to Visit in Siena: The Wonderful Fontebranda

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The largest and at the same time the most important among the sources of Siena, an imposing structure with a wonderful Gothic style.

This is Fontebranda, a medieval source born in Siena since the 13th century and which includes three ogival arches in full Gothic style on which stand marvels of marvelous workmanship, a front with four lion-shaped gushes and in the the Balzana center, the famous emblem of the city of Siena.

Fontebranda, like all traditional medieval sources, consists of three tanks , one for drinking water, one for watering the animals and one that served as a wash-house.

Fontebranda was an integral part of a fine hydraulic system that you can see in the Water Museum and that, through an underground aqueduct and numerous canals, managed to feed tanneries, dyeing plants and of course the mills.

Fontebranda is located in the territory of the Noble Contrada dell’Oca and was so famous and known in antiquity as to be mentioned by Dante Alighieri himself in the Divine Comedy and more precisely in verses 76-78 of the 30th Canto dell ‘Hell.

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