Noble Contrada of the Goose

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The Noble Contrada of the Goose is one of the seventeen contrade of Siena, located in the Terzo di Camollia. Its coat of arms depicts a goose with a royal crown and around its neck the Savoy cross tied with a blue ribbon. Its colors are white and green, striped with red. The contrada’s motto is “Clangit ad arma,” which translates to “Calls to arms.”

The contrada holds the title of “Noble” due to the valor of its soldiers in the battles of Montemaggio (1145), Montaperti (1260), and during the war of Siena (1552-1555); furthermore, for building the aqueducts known as “bottini.”

Its associated Terzo is Camollia. The contrada’s military companies are San Pellegrino and Sant’Antonio. The adversarial contrada of the Goose is the Tower (Torre). The patron saint of the contrada is Saint Catherine of Siena. The titular celebration is held on the first Sunday of May. The traditional guild (corporation) of the contrada is that of the dyers.

The Noble Contrada of the Goose is one of the oldest contrade in Siena, with a long and rich history. The contrada is deeply cherished by its contradaioli (members), who are always ready to support it in its races at the Palio.

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