Porta Pispini

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Porta Pispini

Among the Doors of Siena, one of the oldest and most representative is certainly Porta Pispini, built starting in 1326 and designed by Minuccio di Rinaldo .

The first name of the door, which is part of the last circle of walls of Siena, was Porta San Come because in 1107 it was from this door that the remains of Sant’Ansano were brought back to Siena .

La Porta is one of the most powerful in Siena in terms of defense capacity and in its internal façade it presents a magnificent Nativity fresco realized by Sodoma in 1530 but which has deteriorated over time.

For this reason some parts of the fresco have been preserved in the internal rooms of the Basilica of San Francesco.

To the left of the Porta there is a brick fort with a military function and built by Baldassarre Peruzzi with a cross-like plan as the classic ramparts of the ‘400.

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