Porta Romana

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Porta Romana in Siena

Within the path of what was the Via Cassia, Porta Romana stands out as one of the most famous and ancient gates of the city of Siena and that was erected between 1327 and 1328 and designed by Agostino di Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura .

In the past, the internal part was adorned with a magnificent representation of the Virgin realized by several authors over time including Taddeo di Bartolo, Sassetto and Sano di Pietro, who definitively concluded it in 1466.

Part of these frescoes is still visible inside the Basilica of San Francesco.

On the outside, on the other hand, there is an antemural with two stone lupes attributable to Giovanni di Stefano .

Porta Romana replaced a previous Porta, the Porta di San Martino.

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