Sienese Museums To Do Not Miss: The Diocesan Museum Of Sacred Art

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The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

Among the museums of Siena that every tourist is bound to see there is undoubtedly the magnificent Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art , a jewel of art and spirituality that contains many of the works of the most representative Sienese artists from the 13th to the 17th century.

The oldest and most suggestive work of the entire museum is the famous Madonna di Tressa , a work dating back to 1235 by Maestro di Tressa.

To this are added many other masterpieces, from the small tablets of Sano di Pietro to the tondo with the Madonna and Child of the Master of the Aringhieri.

To these are added the wonderful frescoes of the Lorenzetti brothers and tables by authors such as Andrea Vanni, Luca di Tommè, Segna di Bonaventura, Taddeo di Bartolo and others.

There is also an altarpiece of Christ in Pietà del Vecchietta , some works by Sano di Pietro and the magnificent Madonna del Latte by Antonio Federighi.

There are also interesting artpieces as the Christ Portacroce of Beccafumi and other works by Sodoma, Del Riccio, Alessandro Casolani, Bernardino Mei, Deifebo Burbarini and Ventura Salimbeni.

The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art is located inside the Oratory of San Bernardino and in the annexed rooms and was instituted by the Archbishop Mario Jsmaele Castellano in 1980.

Previously, the entire collection was housed in the National Picture Gallery of Siena and earlier in the premises of the Seminary of Montarioso in Monteriggiosi.

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