Something magic to see in Siena: The Sanctuary of Santa Caterina

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The Sanctuary of Santa Caterina

Bride of God, Theologian, Mystic, Philosopher, a woman with an incredible intelligence and profound and contagious faith, Caterina Benincasa is Patron of Italy and Europe and above all custodian of the intensely feverish magic that animates the whole city ​​of Siena, which in its home built in 1464 one of the most fascinating sanctuaries in Europe.

This sanctuary house hosts various environments each with its mystical and mysterious charm.

There is the Church of the Crucifix, realized between 1614 and 1623, which houses the famous Crucifix of the stigmata that Catherine received in 1375, a miraculous event that contributed to its legend.

In this part you will find many paintings of the eighteenth century such as the Return of the Pope to Rome by Franchini, Santa Caterina who urges the Pope to return to Italy by Alessandro Calvi and The Cuban of Santa Caterina by Libero Guerrini and finally Santa Caterina Assalita by the Soldiers of Perpignan .

Unimaginable is the fantastic vault frescoed by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini and by other artists between 1701 and 1703 with works such as The Glorification of Santa Caterina, Stigma, the Ascent in Heaven and the Assumption in Paradise.

Another unique part of the Sanctuary is the Oratory of the Kitchen which still contains the remains of the burning embers where Catherine fell but who in ecstasy remained miraculously unharmed.

The oratory has a majolica floor and a coffered ceiling with gilded rosettes.

Particularly beautiful are also the side walls and the bottom ones with a collage of artists who celebrated the life of Santa Caterina with works such as:

– Blessed Giovanni Colombini of Alessandro Casolani
– Santa Caterina frees a bishop of Pietro Sorri
– Saint Catherine receives the miraculous communion of Cristoforo Roncalli, known as Pomarancio
– Saint Catherine begs for two condemned to death by Lattanzio Bonastri
– Blessed Ambrogio Sansedoni of Gaetano Marinelli

Finally, another area to admire is the newest, the so-called Portico dei Comuni, built in 1941, two years after the proclamation of Saint Catherine to Patron of Italy by Pius XXII.

The Portico dei Comuni is named in honor of all the Italian Municipalities that contributed with their brick to its construction.

The Sanctuary of Santa Caterina is located in Via Costa di Sant’Antonio 6 and can be quickly reached on foot from the Hotel Minerva.

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