The Contrada dell’Aquila

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The Contrada dell’Aquila is one of the historic contradas of Siena, characterized by a coat of arms depicting a crowned double-headed imperial eagle with a scepter, a sword, and an imperial globe in its talons. On the eagle’s chest, there is a golden sun with the initials U.I., representing Umberto I of Savoy. The distinctive colors of the contrada are yellow striped with black and turquoise. The motto the contrada upholds is ‘Unguibus et rostris.’

The Contrada dell’Aquila holds the title of Noble due to the magnificent welcome given to Charles V of Habsburg during his visit to Siena in 1536. Belonging to the Terzo of the City, the contrada is associated with various military companies such as Aldobrandino del Mancino, Casato di Sopra, and San Pietro in Castelvecchio. Allied contradas are Civetta and Drago, while the rival contrada is Pantera.

The patron saint and titular feast of the Contrada dell’Aquila are the Holy Name of the Virgin Mary. The patron’s feast is celebrated on the Sunday around September 12th. Additionally, the contrada is associated with the notary guild.

The Contrada dell’Aquila represents an important and proud part of Siena’s contrada tradition, with a rich coat of arms, distinctive colors, a noble title, and a history dating back centuries.

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