The most well-known and famous “drappelloni” (Palio banners) in Siena’s history:

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  1. Salvador Dalì’s 1958 Drappellone: This drappellone, created by the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dalì, is one of the most iconic in Palio history. It features a dreamlike and extravagant representation of Siena.
  2. Tano Festa’s 1992 Drappellone: Contemporary artist Tano Festa created a drappellone with bold and modern design in 1992. His unique and innovative style garnered much attention.
  3. Pietro Annigoni’s 1970 Drappellone: Florentine artist Pietro Annigoni, known for his portraits, crafted a drappellone with a dramatic and detailed scene in 1970.
  4. Achille Funi’s 1996 Drappellone: Achille Funi designed a drappellone reminiscent of the Renaissance art, featuring a scene that celebrates Siena’s history and traditions.
  5. Aligi Sassu’s 1983 Drappellone: Aligi Sassu, famous for his figurative and lively style, created a drappellone in 1983 that captures the energy and emotion of the Palio.
  6. Agostino Arrivabene’s 2019 Drappellone: Artist Agostino Arrivabene crafted a drappellone in 2019 with an evocative and symbolic style, portraying a surreal vision of Siena.
  7. Giuseppe Gallo’s 1990 Drappellone: Giuseppe Gallo created a drappellone in 1990 that captures Siena’s medieval atmosphere with a detailed and intricate scene.
  8. Domenico Purificato’s 2004 Drappellone: This drappellone features a classic pictorial style and represents an emblematic scene of Siena, including the Duomo and the Torre del Mangia.
  9. Alessandro Rinaldi’s 2016 Drappellone: Alessandro Rinaldi’s 2016 drappellone combines traditional elements with a contemporary style, depicting the passion and strength of the Palio.
  10. Renato Guttuso’s 2002 Drappellone: Renato Guttuso’s drappellone is an example of modern art, showcasing a vibrant and colorful depiction of Siena.

Each drappellone is a unique work of art that reflects the artist’s vision and style, while capturing the essence and history of the city of Siena. They are cherished treasures of art and Sienese culture.

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