The Museum of Torture in central Siena

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The Torture Museum

Destination of the tourists that crowd every day Piazza del Campo is the Museum of Torture in Chiasso del Bargello 6 , a direct entrance to the square.

The Museum collects the most atrocious instruments that from the Middle Ages to the industrial age were used against enemies and dissidents to extract confessions or simply as a manifestation of what is the cruelty of man.

Inside are visible original machines of the 16th and 17th centuries as well as reconstructions of other original and extremely sophisticated systems to inflict the most absurd and inhuman tortures.

Then there are weapons and devices made either to torture for capital executions or more subdued public humiliations, all interspersed with prints, paintings, engravings and various illustrations and in numerous languages.

The Museum of Torture is a tourist destination that today’s travelers present the executioners of the past and their sadistic and merciless devices.

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