The Natural History Museum of the Academy of Fisiocritici

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The Museum of Natural History of the Academy of Fisiocritici

Siena was not only able to attract the best of Italian artists but was at the same time among the most advanced cities in the world from an architectural and scientific point of view.

And it is precisely here that the Academy of Fisiocritici was born, founded in 1691 by the Professor of Medicine and Botany of the Senese Academy, Pirro Maria Gabrielli.

The Fisiocritici were the Judges of Nature , scientists as Lagrange, Volta, Pasteur and Linnaeus, all members of the Academy whose aim was to study, preserve and share all the discoveries of its members and in general the science of the period.

For this reason, collections of extraordinary value were made which are still present in the Museum located in Siena in Piazzetta Silvio Gigli 2.

The Museum which can be traveled in about an hour presents the magnificent Paolo Mascagni collection with numerous anatomical preparations performed through the technique of placing metallic mercury into the lymphatic vessels.

To this are added terracotta models and a magnificent zoological collection with numerous marine mammals that were collected starting from 1970.

In addition to anatomical preparations, terracotta models and marine samples are also present manuscripts narrating the history and activity of the Academy.

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