The Synagogue of Siena Near Piazza del Campo

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The Synagogue of Siena

Designed by the Florentine architect Zanobi del Rosso and inaugurated in 1786 , the Synagogue of Siena, still active today, is located in Vicolo delle Scotte 14, near Piazza del Campo.

The Synagogue is very simple on the outside but extremely refined and decorated inside, is one of the very few examples of Rococò and Neoclassic architecture of the Center of Siena .

Inside you can find the ancient ritual vestments and of the silver of the barrel of the Guadagni of Florence in addition to the women’s gallery, the part reserved for women that is currently used in the case of exhibitions or educational activities.

A particular element that you will find inside is the wonderful chair of Elijah which was donated to the Synagogue by Rabbi Nissin in 1860.

Until 1875 the synagogue was adorned outside by a magnificent statue of Moses which pointed to the water of Jacopo della Quercia but which was then transferred to the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo and finally to the Museo del Comune where it is still present today.

The Synagogue is accessible for free only during the day of Jewish Culture.

The rest of the days can be accessed for a fee.

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