What to Do in Siena If You’re on Vacation with Kids

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Exploring the city of Siena with children is a unique opportunity for families eager to combine culture, history, and fun during their vacations. Contrary to popular belief, Siena offers numerous attractions suitable for the little ones: parks, gardens, and green spaces are ideal for children’s play and enjoyment. The pedestrian streets make the city safe and easily accessible on foot. Let’s explore together the best activities to do in Siena with kids.

What are the best activities to do in Siena with kids?

  1. Children’s Art Museum
    • What does the Siena Children’s Art Museum offer? The Children’s Art Museum offers a creative and stimulating space where kids can explore art and the city’s history in a fun and interactive way.
    • What activities are available for children? Children can participate in artistic workshops guided by experts and create their own artworks using materials like clay, paint, and paper.
  2. The Duomo
    • Why is the Siena Duomo suitable for children? In addition to its artistic magnificence, the Duomo offers interactive activities and guided tours to engage children in history and art.
    • What are the most interesting attractions for children inside the Duomo? Children can participate in treasure hunts and admire the bas-reliefs and sculptures that pique their curiosity.
  3. The Mangia Tower
    • What unique experience does the Mangia Tower offer? With its 88-meter height, the tower offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city, giving children the feeling of touching the sky with a finger.
    • How can you reach the top of the Mangia Tower? Despite the 400 steps to climb, the ascent is an exciting experience for children, who will be rewarded with a breathtaking view at the top.
  4. Academy of the Fisiocritics
    • What does the Academy of the Fisiocritics offer children? The Academy hosts a Museum of Natural History that allows children to explore zoology, geology, and archaeology in a fascinating environment.
    • What are the most interesting sections for children inside the Museum of Natural History? Children can admire specimens of naturalized vertebrates, minerals, rocks, and fossils, enriching their knowledge of nature and science.
  5. Orto dei Pecci
    • Why is the Orto dei Pecci an ideal place for children? This botanical garden offers a vast collection of plants and flowers, along with workshops and guided tours that allow children to learn while having fun.
    • What activities can children do at the Orto dei Pecci? Children can participate in collecting aromatic herbs, creating naturalistic notebooks, and preparing sweets and liqueurs with seasonal fruit.

What other activities can be done with children around Siena?

  • What does Buonconvento offer children? The city offers well-preserved medieval walls and ample open spaces for walking and discovering the history of the area.
  • What are the main attractions of the Parco della Val di Merse for children? The park offers walks immersed in nature, observation of local fauna and flora, ideal for an educational outdoor experience.

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