What To See Near Piazza Del Campo in Siena: Palazzo Chigi Saracini

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The Palazzo Chigi Saracini

The powerful and suggestive magic of Siena is not expressed solely and exclusively by the magnificent Piazza del Campo.

Near the square and in the historical center there are unique and wonderful buildings every tourist and traveler are pleased to discover for enjoying the city’s tradition to the full.

Among these Palaces, perhaps the most beautiful to visit is Palazzo Chigi Saracini located in Via di Città.

This Palace dates back to the 12th century .

It was called Palazzo Marescotti because it belonged to the Ghibellina dei Marescotti family.

The Palace over time needed expanding works to host the Council of Regents of the Republic.

Only in the 16th century, the most powerful family of Siena, the Piccolomini bought it giving it a mostly Renaissance appearance.

The Palace then passed from hand to hand until Guido Chigi Saracini and then in 1932 it became the home of the Chigiana Music Academy, which became a Foundation in 1958 which houses the School of High Musical Improvement.

The internal Gallery preserves works by Sienese artists from 200 to 900 among which stands the Madonna of the Master of Tressa, a Madonna and Two Angels by Matteo di Giovanni, a Pietà del Riccio and the mystical Marriage of Saint Caterina da Siena of Beccafumi .

Then there are wonderful sculptures and majolica. Among the sculptures stands the Discordia di Francesco di Giorgio while among the majolica dishes of the Sienese artist Ferdinando Maria Campani.

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