Museums To Visit in Siena: The Special Museum of the Biccherna Tablets

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The Biccherna Tavolette Museum

Among all the Sienese museums the most characteristic and particular one is the Biccherna Tavolette Museum , a small jewel of art and tradition.

At Palazzo Piccolini and more precisely within the State Archive , the Biccherna Museum of tablets houses the Biccherne , that is, the artistic covers in the form of a tablet of the Sienese Administration.

The works are unique and extraordinary made by Giovanni di Paolo, Lorenzo Vecchia, Sano di Pietro and many others .

The custom of the tablets was then replaced over time with the creation of real paintings that you can always admire inside the Museum.

This tradition failed only in the mid-1700s.

In addition to the Biccherns and the paintings, the Museum also hosts the first Sienese Constitution called the Constitution and dates back to 1309, an example of codification of laws created directly for the Common Citizen.

The Biccherne Museum is one of the main museums in the center of Siena and is easily reachable from the Hotel Minerva, our three-star hotel in the historic center of Siena , the only one with a 20-seat covered garage in payment with direct access to the hall.

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