Porta Ovile a Siena

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Ovile Door

Porta Ovile in Siena is one of the gates of the city and presents an embattled battlements, in whose inner wall we can see a fresco by Sano di Pietro: the Madonna and Child .

Porta Ovile is located between Via di Vallerozzi and Via Simone Martini and is mentioned for the first time in 1220 in whose year the Municipality purchased 40 bushels of land to make the Carbonaie at Porta Ovile (citation Macchi).

In 1250 the Porta appears in the books of Biccherna also called “Porta del Gregge” and the following year, 1251 is reinforced according to the dictates of the Bell Council pending an eventual attack from Florence.

The Door was walled together with Fontebranda on November 1, 1554 to be best used by the soldiers during the siege of Siena and suffered bombing the following year.

In 1798 it was then severely damaged by the earthquake as well as the entire Ovile district.

Porta Ovile is easily reachable from the center of Siena as well as all the main attractions of the city.

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